Bradley Field Open, Kendal

Date: Sunday, 29th October 2017

Location: Off Underbarrow Road (Near the summit !) LA9 5RR

Start 8:00am Pre entry First 45 dogs (2 max. per handler)

Entries to David Harrison, Tel: 0777 352 0982

Further Information: Phil Rigby,  Tel: 0789 100 8971

Please note: Dogs crossing the course on their outrun will be expected to retire.

Please park in the car parks (one either side of the brow of the hill, with off road linking path) on the opposite side of the road to the trial course, where ther eis plenty of room to walk dogs.

Please keep the dogs on a leash when crossing the road, as there is a blind bend on the brow of the hill.

Those with two dogs, 1st dog to be booked in before 12noon. Last dog to be booked in by 2pm.

A willingness to step forward for a morning run will be appreciated.