Bamford Sheep Dog Trial

Date: Monday, 29th May 2017

Location: Bamford Recreaton Ground, S33 0DU

(Entry Closed)

BSDTA celebrates its 75th dog trial.

Bamford Sheep Dog Trials Association is celebrating its 75th dog trial this year on Springbank holiday Monday 29th May . This is an extract from a document recording the initial steps taken to set up the organisation in 1942………..The chairman looked slowly round the room; every hand was raised in approval. “ It appears to be unanimous, gentlemen; thank-you Mr Sellars for your very lucid explanation. As I said at the opening of this meeting, I am fully in agreement with you that at the present time, to attempt to organize sheepdog trials is too ambitious a project, I therefore declare the meeting closed, gentlemen and thank you for your attendance”

Fortunately for the future dog trials association The Burns Club were not content to let matters rest and worked hard to hold the first trial on 21st August 1943. The object of the first trial was to raise money for the Comforts fund and this was amply fulfilled, £56 12 /- was raised. An additional aim was to “Promote and encourage the breeding and training of sheepdogs”.

When the war ended and the Comforts fund closed it was resolved that any future profits would be distributed amongst the various village institutions.

To this day a considerable amount of money has been donated to various village organisations and groups. Over the past few years the association has proudly donated £1500 + annually.

The BSTDA committee are working hard to make this 75th year a trial of celebration. There will be a strong field of competitors, with a 1st prize of £200 (overall prize money £700+), a sheep shearing competition, fell race, various craft stalls and catering. The trial is held on Bamford Recreation ground (S33 0DU) which also has an enclosed children’s play area.

If you would like to join our celebratory year, you would be most welcome. The Sheepdog trial is pre-entry with a strict closing date of 31st March 2017. Entry forms will go out as usual but if you require a form these can be obtained from Roger Phaff, on 01433 651474. In the event of there being too many entries a draw will take place.

The fell race starts at 1pm, entries on the field 11am onwards.

See our website for more information.