European Nursery Championship

2020 European Nursery Championship

March Friday 13th to Sunday 15th

The ENC is a sheep herding championship for young Border Collies at an age of maximum three years on 1st January 2020. 

The ENC is a real European Championship and handlers and their dogs travel from every corner of Europe to the Netherlands to compete. The ENC is not only a challenging young dog's championship, but also a place where many European handlers (competitors as well as spectators) meet and exchange knowledge about our shared passion. The championship will be held on two different fields with different kind of sheep.

The championship covers three days. There will be two trials in two and a half days and a Final on the last day. In the qualification your best result counts 3 times and your other run 1 time. On Sunday we run the Final between the best 15 handlers of the two trials.

‚ÄčThe judges will be Hans van Leur from the Netherlands and Eliane Verboven from Belgium. 

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