Welsh Youth Development Project

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Wales has a rich history of sheep farming and sheep dog trialling. With an outstanding sheepdog trialling tradition to uphold, a new Welsh Youth Development Fund has been established to help foster and develop the talent of their young handlers. The fund will be used for events such as 2-3 day training camps designed to bring together young handlers and their National, World and Supreme Champions.

Organised by Angie Driscoll and Kelvin Broad an 'Auction of Promises' was recently held, and ended on 2nd December, to kick off their fundraising campaign. They auctioned a range of items from sheepdogs lessons, 'Slaves for a Day', veterinary consultations in Wales, England and Germany, bull semen, shearing and bricklaying services, weekend holidays in Italy and Wales, barn hunt lessons and free trial entries in the USA, and aerial filming using a drone.

The auction raised an extremely impressive amount of £4,121.69 for the Welsh Youth Development Fund, and the amount raised significantly exceeded their target of £2,500.  The money will support and provide training sessions for Junior Young Handlers (10 and under), and 2-3 day training seminars for Young Handlers. The first Junior Young Handler training session is scheduled for February 9th, 2020 and will be led by Kevin Evans and Kelvin Broad.

Thank you to everybody that donated their services to the auction, and also thank you to everybody that placed their bids during it. 

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