Northern Sheep Dog Association Charity Trial

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Trial field, Northern Sheep Dog Association Open Charity Trial

Photo courtesy of Carol Mellin

On Saturday 9th November 2019 Richard Fawcett hosted the Northern Sheep Dog Association Open Charity Trial which was located in the beautiful hamlet of Hardraw, near Hawes in the Yorkshire Dales.

All proceeds from the trial were raised for the Bone Cancer Research Trust which is a charity that offers hope to people affected by primary bone cancer.

There were 44 dogs that ran throughout the day, and the trial was judged by Jane Drinkwater.

Results were as follows:

1st R. Fawcett (Hardraw) with Lola on 87 of 100 points 

2nd P. Ellis with Isla on 85 points 

3rd P. Ellis with George 82 points OLF

4th R. Fawcett with Keef on 82 points OLFD

5th F. Satterthwaite (Brough) with Tweed on 82 points

6th C. Mellin (Oakworth) with Moor Lodge Ben on 81 points

Winner of the Novice competition was N. McNally with Zac on 78 points

A fantastic amount of £235 was raised during the trial and has since been donated to the chosen charity, Bone Cancer Research Trust.


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