Highash Charity Trial

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Highash Charity Trial, Charlesworth, Derbyshire

Winner of the trial - Angie Driscoll with Ciaran

Photos courtesy of Caroline Hamilton

On 24th August 2019 Highash Charity Sheepdog Trial took place with proceeds from the trial being donated to Kinder Mountain Rescue Team and a local voluntary organisation that assists within the High Peak area.

Trials were held both in the morning and afternoon, each with 27 competitors, this was followed by a double gather competition for the top six handlers of the day. 

The six finalists qualifying for the double gather were:

Jim Alton with Jed

Ross Watson with Sally

Angie Driscoll with Carlos

Martin O'Malley with Jock

Angie Driscoll with Ciaran

Ross Watson with Ace

Congratulations to Angie Driscoll with Ciaran who went on to win the double gather.

Thank you to everybody involved in organising the trial and for giving up their spare time in doing so, and to all that supported the trial on the day. A very impressive £456 was raised during the trial and shared between the two charities.


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