Bishopstone Charity Trial

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Stock photo of the 'Double Gather' trial field from prevoius year

On 5th and 6th October 2019 the annual Bishopstone Charity Open Sheep Dog trial took place by kind permission of Lord Head, Throope Manor Farm, based in the stunning Wiltshire countryside just outside of Salisbury, with International attendees from Belgium and Germany.

All proceeds from the trial were raised for two charities, CMV Action which supports the research into Cytomegalovirus, and the Bishopstone Bish Bash a local organisation supporting various local organisations, young and old in the Chalke Valley.

Saturday saw 55 dogs run the 650 yard open trial, which was judged by David Kennard, and Sunday's judge for the double gather was Philip Davies-Russell, with 42 dogs running.


Saturdays results were are follows:

1st Jed Watson with Zac on 78 points

2nd Shirley Greenaway with Sanduck Flip on 76 points

3rd Paul Johnson with Jack on 75 points

4th Roderick Hayes with Winston on 72 points

5th Roger Franssen with Zohra on 71 points

6th Marc Wessendor with Nice on 70 points


Sundays results were as follows:

1st Jenny Atwell with Spike on 127 points

2nd Jed Watson with Zac on 126 points

3rd David Kennard with Sweep on 121 points

4th Trevor Hopper with Fern on 119 points

5th Jenny Atwell with Speck on 111 points

6th Paul Johnson with Jack on 110 points


Aggregate trophy over the 2 days was awarded to Jed Watson with Zac


An absolutely amazing amount which exceeded £1,500 was raised during the two days of trialling, an absolutely wonderful success. 


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