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COVID-19 Update

Local trials and Nursery trials are organised and run by local committees and are not run under the jurisdiction of the Society. Therefore, the current position is that local trials and nurseries do not need Society permission to go ahead. However, for the safety of those attending, any trials being held, we ask that you consider your own safety and the safety of others, and adhere to the Government guidance regarding events and social distancing for the nation where the trial is being held.

Until further notice, insurance will not be available from the ISDS, and therefore insurance will need to be sourced by the trial host or local committee. 

Further to the recent announcement made that National points will be awarded for Open trials from 1st October 2020, we strongly recommend that further measures are implemented when hosting trials.

In addition to recording the mandatory Test and Trace details of competitors and attendees of a trial, which should include full name, contact telephone number and email address if applicable, an additional statement should also be agreed to by each attendee, which confirms that the attendee has not travelled to the trial from an area which is recorded as an area in lockdown status buy the Government.


The International Sheep Dog Society organises five main trials each year within the UK and Ireland. National trials are normally held during the months of July and August, and the International is held in September.


Every third year the Society also organises a World Sheep Dog Trial, the next World trial is expected to take place in 2023.

There are many hundreds of smaller local trials within the UK and Ireland, and a few hundred more if you count up all around the world.

A list of all trials can be found by clicking here.