Patron: Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal

Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal has been Patron of the Society since February 2007 and has supported us in our efforts, and through the years has attended many of our International and World Trials.

The Princess was the guest of honour at the Centenary International Sheepdog Trials held near Kelso in September 2006 and greatly enjoyed seeing the work of the Society.  The ISDS was already privileged to have several wonderful Vice-presidents, including the Duchess of Devonshire and the Duke of Northumberland who have been so helpful, but had never before been honoured with a Patron in its history.  The Society Council extended the invitation to Her Royal Highness and the news of her acceptance was greeted by standing applause by the Society’s 100 directors at their Annual Meeting in Carlisle in January 2007.

The Princess takes a great interest in countryside matters and is knowledgeable about many farming subjects.  The International Sheep Dog Society was founded in 1906 to help develop the shepherds’ dog to improve the management of stock.  Today, it is so important to have well trained and good dogs to help look after our nation’s sheep.  There are great welfare improvements and considerable environment benefits through using good sheepdogs rather than farm vehicles to do the job.

The ISDS has always led the world in the breeding and training of the Border Collie as a sheepdog.  It has in excess of 6,000 members and organises national and world sheepdog trials to bring together like-minded shepherds and enthusiasts to celebrate the dogs’ skills and find the best.  

E. Wyn Edwards presented with the Wilkinson Sword by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal at the 2021 International Sheepdog Trials, Aberystwyth. 

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar



Arthur Mawhinney presented with the Wilkinson Sword by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal at the 2018 International Sheepdog Trials, Gill Hall Estate, Dromore

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar