The Society is delighted to be associated with Gilbertson & Page, our Principal Society Sponsors



Delivering Quality & Value for over 140 years


Gilbertson & Page Ltd, a family company based in rural Hertfordshire, staffed by a dedicated professional team, has been manufacturing dog food since 1873. They have established a reputation for producing quality dog foods that consistently offer tremendous value to dog owners.

The company has been a market leader since the launch of Gilpa Valu Mix (the fore runner of the current Gilpa Super Mix) in 1975. This product quickly became one of the most popular dog foods which led to the development of the Gilpa life stage range. Gilpa was followed by Dr. John & Arkwright which have also become top sellers.


Farpaisean Chon-Chaorach is an entertainment series presented by Donald MacSween and Catriona MacPhee and produced for BBC ALBA by mneTV, one of Scotland’s leading independent production companies. (For further information see With coverage of local, national and International sheepdog trials the series presents the best of the action from across the country. The programmes are generally broadcast on the BBC ALBA on consecutive weeks from early January each year. 2018 saw the tenth series being broadcast, which included coverage from the Scottish National, and the International which was held in Aldswoprth, Gloucestershire.