Logan Ventura Aluminium Whistle

Logan Ventura Aluminium Whistle
4085G - Grey Ventura whistle
4085B - Black Ventura whistle
4085T - Turquoise Ventura whistle
4085O - Orange Ventura whistle
4085L - Lime Ventura whistle
4085P - Purple Ventura whistle
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What's different about this whistle? - lightweight anodised aluminium; same shape as our powerful Logan 304 stainless steel whistle; new 'sound chamber' for ease of use and better control of tones

Made in lightweight anodised aluminium to the same shape as the Logan 304 stainless steel whistle but with a new 'sound chamber' (slot and whistle hole) to allow a greater flow of air and ease of use.  

The result is a lightweight whistle that is easy to use, capable of an excellent range of tones (soft to very sharp) and high volume over distance when you need it.  A good all-round effective whistle.  

Now available in anodised Grey, Black, Orange & Turquoise.

Price £20.00 each