ISDS Stud Book 2017

ISDS Stud Book 2017
3117 Stud Book 2017
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This Stud Book is Volume No. LXXI (71) in a series published annually since Volume III for dogs registered in 1949. Volume III starts with dog number 6001 and this volume with dog number 347021. Volume I, published in 1955, traces back to list 3000 dogs registered up to 1939, with dates of birth stretching back to the 1890s where known. Volume II was published in 1950 and listed those dogs numbered 3001 to 6000 registered between 1939 and 1948.

The first section is a numerical list of the registered dogs. It gives the name of the breeder (Registered By) and the First Registered Owner. The second section lists alphabetically those First Registered Owners. Thus, if a dog is found in section one, its description and parentage can be found by looking up that First Registered Owner. If a transfer of ownership has taken place in the time before the data for this book is assembled (around March in the publication year), the new owner will additionally be shown. This division into two sections is a historical treatment since 1949 and there is no good reason why it should be changed. It does allow a dog to be found by two methods - number or first owner.

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