Harford's Apprentice book

Harford's Apprentice book
3319 Harford's Apprentice book
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Harford Logan explains to his daughter Joanne McHardy, how he trained a young dog to herd sheep - distilling all his years of experience into a short tutorial for someone just starting out in sheepdog training, a simple but practical guide to the crucial first stages with a young dog. 'Harford's way' is to bring out the dog’s own natural herding ability – and so help it to be the best it can be. His view is that the time taken in the early stages of training to help the dog understand and succeed make the most difference.

His advice in this book is limited to the first months of training, so the dog has the basic skills needed for simple farm work and the foundation for all future experience. Harford Logan was the holder of the Irish National Sheepdog Championship on six occasions & then Scottish Champion when farming in the Highlands.

Hard Back book; 28 pages - fully illustrated by Holly Bennett and Joanne McHardy 


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