Laying the Foundation DVD

Laying the Foundation DVD
3607 - Laying the Foundation
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To sheepdog handlers in South Africa, Faansie Basson is an inspiration. For over 15 years, Faansie has worked with Border collies on his farm, and has come to appreciate their intelligence, their intuition and their value as working companions.

Not just essential farm dogs, Faansie’s dogs have proved their worth on the trials field. To date, he’s won the South African National title five times, and he’s competed successfully in the most prestigious trials in the USA. No stranger to judging and teaching, he regularly conducts clinics and judges trials in both the USA and Europe.

This DVD shows Faansie taking young dogs, and introducing them to sheep. Many are dogs he’s bred, but every dog’s an individual and Faansie tailors his technique to suit the dog. Carefully titled “Laying the Foundation” the emphasis is on getting the basics right, before you move on.

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