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Mary Heaton's Sheepdog Scrapbooks

Mary Heaton's Sheepdog Scrapbooks
3307 Mary Heaton's Scrapbook Collection 50s - 70s
3308 Mary Heaton's Scrapbook Collection 80s - 00s
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Mary Heaton first experienced a sheepdog trial in 1949. Very quickly she and her husband Allan were hooked, afflicted by a condition they called "dog-itis" which proved to be incurable and remained with them for the rest of their lives.

Mary's unique collection of sheepdog trial memorabilia covers a period of nearly sixty years. Her full set of ISDS Stud books, countless journals, programmes and brochures, and a library of sheepdog related books is topped by her personal "scrapbooks" which have been published here by her son Andrew and condensed into two collections so everyone can enjoy the memories.

The ten scrapbooks contain over 1600 press cuttings, newspaper articles, shepherd's profiles, trial reports and results from local, national, international and overseas trials. More than 950 photographs of dogs and handlers bring to life over sixty years of sheepdog trialling which can now be shared by all. Spiral bound for easier reading.

Collection One 50s - 70s - size 21cm x 29.5cm, 228 pages

Collection Two 80s - 00s - size 21cm x 29.5cm, 224 pages

Price £14.95 each