Sheepdogs at Work by Tony Iley BOOK

Sheepdogs at Work by Tony Iley BOOK
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Shepherd Tony Iley believes it is one of the wonders of the world to see a good Border Collie working in harmony with his master. In this book he covers the history of the working dog, training from the puppy stage onwards, trials, breeding and the experiences of handlers both past and present. He tells his wonderful story of the relationship between one man and his dog.

Tony Iley has lived and worked in Northumberland for many years. A Shepherd, he has been competing at trials for over 30 years and judged trials in England, Scotland and the USA.

This book will be a delight, not just to those who are interested in working with dogs, but anyone who wants a better insight into the wonderful relationship between a dog and his owner.

Paperback 13cm x 19.5cm - 124 pages 

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