Essential Life Skills & Learning by Carol Price

Essential Life Skills & Learning by Carol Price
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"Border Collies: A Breed Apart"

Book Two: Essential Life Skills & Learning

A groundbreaking trilogy on the Border Collie by Carol Price, author of the best-selling Collie Psychology.

This is the second book in the series, which is all about the training process; concentrating not only on the key excercises and life lessons critical to teach any Collie from puppyhood onwards, but how you go about mastering them most succesfully with your own dog. 

She points out that it's important for any owner to understand how many behaviours in Collies can be avoided, or prevented through teaching your dog the right lessons earlier on in life.

As Carol herself has said that her main aim in this book is to to de-mystify the whole process of training dogs, and also make it much easier for readers to understand how dogs learn.



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