Behaviour - Insights, Issues & Solutions by Carol Price

Behaviour - Insights, Issues & Solutions by Carol Price
3315 Behaviour - Insights, Issues & Solutions
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The Third Book in her new Trilogy "Border Collies: A Breed Apart"

A series that could change your understanding of Border Collies forever.

The First two books in this series will have given you a far greater insight into the mental differences that exist between Border Collies and other dogs, why those differences exist and where they come from in the breed's genetic past.

In this third and last book in the series, Carol looks at all aspects of breed behaviour, as well as how, more specifically, Border Collies may vary from each other as individuals despite belonging to the same breed.

Border collies have long been considered the most intelligent dogs on earth, but also the most mentally complex. Owners may be presented with many behavioural issues ranging from obsessive patterns of activity to a host of different anxieties, phobias or neuroses linked to a higher-octane canine brain.

What makes one Collie so different to another in terms of the way he thinks or behaves? Is his behaviour affected by his home environment, earliest rearing, lifestyle, owners, or is it hard-wired into his own, individual genes?

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