Guides for Entering National Trials on MyISDS

With National Trial Entry opening this Saturday 1st June, we have created some helpful guides to prepare you for making your entry on MyISDS! *Please note you will not be able to see "Enter Trial" on the MyISDS dashboard until trial entry opens on Saturday. 

We would like to emphasise again to ensure you have done the following BEFORE the 1st June and trying to make your entry:

1) Registered for an account for MyISDS if you have not already.

2) Checked you are the owner of the dog(s) you wish to enter, and made any transfers necesary if needed before this Friday 31st May. Remember, if you are running a dog that belongs to someone else as an alternate handler, THEY will have to make the entry and select you as the alternate handler. You will not be able to enter yourself with someone elses dog.

3) If entering more than 1 dog, decide which you will run first and then second. When it comes to selecting your dogs on the entry portal, the first dog you select will be the first dog to run at the trial. (Up to 3 dogs can be entered, with running dog 1 first to run and running dog 2 second. The alternative dog may run in place of either dog.)

4) If entering as a Shepherd, please ensure you have up to date contact information available to give for your employer, so the office can obtain verification from them of your employment and status as a Shepherd.

Check out the video ahead of the 1st June to make yourself familar with the process and ensure you are ready to make your entry! How to Enter a National Trial on MyISDS (

Please also see a guide below: 

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