DNA Testing in ISDS Border Collies - 2023 Update


This compilation is an update on the current status of genetic testing in ISDS Border Collies. It includes all test results that had been published on the internet, or been shared with the ABCD studbook committee at the time of October, 2023. 1 The numbers are solely those of ISDS dogs. It is a sample, albeit a large one. Publishing of genetic test results is not mandatory in the ISDS, and thus the results might be too positive. Breeders and stud dog owners still tend to be reluctant about publishing perceived detrimental information, and often keep it to themselves. The good news is, that carrier percentages mostly went down in the last 5 years, which shows the efficacy of voluntary testing. Informed breeders tend to avoid matings that might produce affected. Also, broader testing corrects initial bias and gives more correct results.


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