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Unreadable or Missing Barcodes

Important information about your Royal Mail service

Dear Customer,

We are sorry that customers experienced some issues with Royal Mail shipping and tracking systems yesterday (Tuesday). We'd like to reassure you that despite these issues, items were still being accepted, collected and delivered as usual. However, some of our usual item tracking and delivery/collection features were not available. These features included item tracking, customer notifications, Parcel Collect, inflight delivery options, pre-advice data and international customs payments.

We started to restore these features yesterday (Tuesday) evening. Customers should now start to see any delayed tracking/scanning data and pre-advice information for items which have already been posted, processed or delivered yesterday. Please be aware that because we deliver millions of items every day, this data will be restored gradually during the next few days and some features may also remain affected for items being processed or due delivery today.

We know item tracking and item delivery/collection features are an important part of the service we offer to our customers and your customers. We're very sorry for the inconvenience and are working to restore these features fully, including for items affected yesterday, as quickly as possible. As we continue to do this, we'd like to confirm that items are being collected, processed and delivered as usual.

We thank you for your continued business.

Yours faithfully

Royal Mail Customer Services

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