Rabies Vaccine Protocol

All competitors who wish to run at the English National must have evidence of the following vaccinations to show before they can run.

The reason for this being that some are time sensitive and there is not enough time between the English National and the International to meet the requirements for vaccination if you qualify for the International. 

The following will be required for anyone travelling from Wales and Scotland as well but ther is time to arrange after qualification before travelling to Ireland.  You must check all these timelines yourself to ensure you can meet them. 

Further deatails can be found here

Please contact your own Vet for more information and arrangements.

-ID Chip Checked & Rabies vaccination

- Usually, MSD Nobivac Vaccine which lasts for 3yrs

-Wait 21 Days after vaccination before travel

-Issue AHC Animal Health Certification for travel

-Valid for travel for 10 days after issue Dog ID chip checked at time of issue

-Ireland require tapeworm within 24-120 hours (5 days) of entering the country can

be combined with the issue of the AHC but may take a little planning ahead.



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