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CEO's Update - 12th July 2022 - Live Streaming

Dear Members,


We're very much looking forward to trials starting and being able to meet in such numbers since before the pandemic started.


As a valued member, you are to be given preferential rates by use of a discount code for this Live Streaming. This is being created and will be sent to you if you have an email address registered with the society.

If you do not, please consider updating us with one for you, or a relative or friend who can act as your contact. If no email can be provided to the Society, contact will need to be made by you to obtain this code.


This is to the benefit of those who are not able to join us in person or wish to watch along at home. No action need be taken if you plan to attend the trial in person.


We'll do our best to inform you but as these are personalized individual codes if contact can be made by a friend/relative on your behalf, this would be much quicker.


Sign Up to Live Stream Now!

Please use the following link to sign up to livestream


Happy Viewing!