Chairman's Update 18th August 2021 - International Trial

I am being contacted on a daily basis at present by Members asking about the current situation regarding spectators at the International at Tanycastell on 10th to 12th September. The perception among Members is that Covid restrictions in Wales have been relaxed and they cannot understand why the International has not been opened up to allow spectators to attend. We in Council have been keeping in regular contact with the local organising Committee under the Chairmanship of John Davies. Unfortunately, although the Welsh government has relaxed certain restrictions, they have left local authority councils to decide how they implement the changes in their own area. The local council covering the Tanycastell site has been, and continues to be, very cautious in their approach to opening up the area to gatherings of any kind. John is in constant contact with local area officials and they have until very recently been adamant that numbers should be restricted to 499 in total. Whilst now being prepared to consider proposals for changes in permission, this would necessitate a whole raft of documentation being prepared and submitted for their consideration, with no guarantee of success. Indeed, there is local concern at the rising cases of Covid some half an hour away from the field. The Local Committee, who as you will appreciate are all volunteers, considered that undertaking the additional workload in such a short timescale could well impinge on the whole organisation of the Trials, and they were not prepared to risk the International not taking place.

This will allow competitors plus one along with officials and organisers. Children under 12 do not count in the 499 total so any competitor could include family members under 12.

I fully realise that members will be disappointed not to be able to attend but ask you to respect the difficult decisions which have had to be made by the local committee to be able to run the event. John and his committee have worked extremely hard over a long period of difficulty and uncertainty to bring this International to fruition.

The good news is that again due to the local committees endeavours the event will be live streamed. There will be a link posted on the ISDS website to facilitate access to the live stream and also a dedicated helpline to assist Members who are having difficulty connecting to the livestream. I would ask for your understanding for this difficult decision and please do not turn up expecting that somehow you will be allowed in. The event is sure to be monitored by local council officials and the above conditions will be strictly adhered to .

Ian Fleming​

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