Update from the CEO - National Trial Running Orders

As you may or may not know, this is the first year that I have generated the running order for ISDS national trials. Undertaking that task meant following a set of clear instructions that have been put in-place to deal with this process. This process defines that each competitor shall be informed about their own run number for each dog and notified about their own run only. This was a burdensome task; I would have preferred to have e-mailed everyone the running order. However, this was not what has been previously agreed and documented. Furthermore, in preparation for the 2021 trial season, I instructed ISDS Council to provide me with guidance and feedback on running orders. All such feedback has been implemented in the process that was used for 2021. No other guidance was forthcoming and so the documented approach was used.

I can understand the frustration of some competitors if they have received running orders that are different from what has previously been provided. Perhaps this process documentation can be amended for next year given further scrutiny and general agreement - if that’s what the ISDS wish to support.

Given general requirements for equity across all four home nations, and specifically to insulate from complexity in what was already a mammoth undertaking, it would be inappropriate for me to treat one nation differently from the others. Since running orders have already been published to more than one nation in the documented format it would be inappropriate for me to make a change to that process and extremely time consuming to do.

Kind Regards

Helen Vickery (CEO)

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