Chairman update 7th May 2021 - Open Trials

Further to my recent message regarding resumption of trialling in Wales and Scotland, I now have further information relevant to the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Irish authorities have decided that from 10th May travel restrictions will be relaxed and outdoor sport and leisure activities can resume. Trials can now be held both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland with travel between being permitted. However organisers of trials are required to check if there are local restrictions which apply in their particular area, for example in the Republic of Ireland there is a restriction on numbers allowed to gather together.

I am therefore pleased to announce that qualifying of open trial points will be available throughout the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland from 10th May.

In addition from 10th May open points will be available to competitors if they travel to trials held in any country, therefore reverting to the usual ISDS trial rules. The rational for this is that the official government travel restrictions have now been relaxed and therefore it is not appropriate for ISDS to restrict members travel.

I feel that I must strongly reiterate my warning that organisers of trials and competitors must adhere to COVID guidelines and conditions at all times. It would be a disaster if rules were defied and this led to the attention of regulatory authorities, resulting in sheepdog trialling once again restricted. This would have serious implications on our ability to run our Nationals and International. I have no doubt that all activities will be monitored by authorities for the foreseeable future as the relaxations unfold over the summer months. Please do not let sheepdog trialling down with any thoughtless behaviour.

Kind Regards,

Ian Fleming

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