Processing of registration related work

Just a reminder and a plea...

Please note that we are experiencing a 6 week backlog in processing registration related work.

Each day we receive many phone calls from members chasing the receipt or completion of work that has been submitted within the past 6 weeks. We ask that you do not call the office until the 6 week period from the time that you sent or emailed your work has lapsed.

All registration work is being processed in date order as received, and we work extremely hard to process it as quickly and as efficiently as possible .

The Society is not fortunate enough to have the resources or structure to log the incoming work, and therefore if you telephone the office to ask a member of staff to locate your work it could take them up to half an hour to do so, which prevents them from processing work and therefore creating further backlog.

Where possible please email your work to the Society using All forms are accepted via email, and upon receipt you will receive an auto response email, therefore providing you with notification that your email and work has been received.

Once again we ask that you take great care when completing your forms for submission, with in excess of 80% received completed incorrectly this too has a significant impact on the speed of processing work.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this period.


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