Chairman update 29th March 2021

I am delighted to inform Members that our Temporary Executive Officer Helen Vickery has now joined the Society in the permanent position of Chief Executive Officer.

As you will be aware Helen joined the Society just over 12 months ago as TEO and in that time she has truly had a “baptism of fire” due to the unprecedented events which unfolded over the following months. Helen has proved beyond doubt her commitment to the Society and her ability to deal efficiently and professionally with all the many different aspects of her role. She has identified shortcomings in many of our Society processes and is enthusiastic to update the office working procedures. Our Society has expanded greatly in recent years and our Governance and working methods have not kept pace with many of the requirements of today’s legislation. GDPR and IT are two important areas requiring attention. I trust that Helen will enjoy her work with the Society and will have your support going forward.

I am also pleased to inform you that the post of Operations and Events Manager has been filled by Kate Wilkinson, and we extend a warm welcome to Kate who joins the Society on Tuesday 6th April.

This post aids the CEO in the form of day-to-day duties, and will assist with the digital transformation, infrastructure and services asset management, event management of the major trials and provide the essential support required to local committees. This is a full and exciting role, and we look forward to experiencing the positive effects this role will have on the Society.

An additional member of staff to support the Executive Officer/CEO was previously agreed by Council when Matthew Pemberton held the position of Executive Officer, however action was not taken to recruit a suitable person during that period. The previous Council’s decision was ratified by the present Council.

In addition, Beverlie Newton joins the office team on a six-month temporary contract, supporting the Registration Officers in reducing their work backlog and managing the administration process of the national trial entries. In previous years, this position has been filled by appointment through recruitment agencies, however this year the temporary position has been filled via direct employment. We extend a warm welcome to Beverlie, who also joins the office team on 6th April.

With a strong and dedicated team in place we look forward to the development of the Society over the coming years.

Kind Regards

Ian Fleming


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