2021 Price Increases

Detailed below are two increases to Society fees, and an introduction of a young handler membership fee, these fees will be implemented from 1st January 2021.

  • £2 increase in Home Nations membership from £57 to £59, the £2 increase relates to the membership element which is currently £15, however from 1st January 2021 the breakdown of the total membership fee will be as follows: Membership £17, Trialling and Breeding £15, Magazine £27 = £59
  • £2 increase in Puppy Registration fee, from £18 to £20 per pup
  • Introduction of a second tier to the young handler’s membership fee, 19 to 21-year old's (inclusive) will pay £20 per year for membership, currently Junior members pay £5 per year, to the age of 18 (inclusive)


The Society last increased home nation standard membership fees in 2018, which also saw an increase by £2, and Society records show that an increase before this took place prior to 2015. The cost of inflation has an impact on the Society each year, with increases experienced across the board from our suppliers, and therefore we must ensure that the Society maintains a level of financial stability to absorb these operational costs, and be in a position to continue to provide a valuable service to our members. 

The Society has not increased the cost of the registration of puppies for an extremely long period of time, and to meet the increasing demands of our administrative costs in registering puppies, an increase of £2 per puppy will be implemented. All late registration fees will remain the same.

Our younger members are extremely important to the Society, they are our future, and for a number of our younger members the school leaving age has been extended to the age of 18, many of whom will be in the position of seeking employment or could be attending further education. Therefore, to encourage them to continue with their Society membership from the Junior rates of £5 per year, an additional membership age bracket has been introduced with reduced membership fees. All members aged 19 to 21, inclusive, from 1st January 2020 will pay an annual membership fee of £20, with an exemption from the £8 joining fee.

The above update to 2021 fees will be placed in due course on the ISDS website within the Fees section: www.isds.org.uk/breeding-registration/fees/



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