New Registration Certificates

During 2019 the Registration Certificates in use for registration of puppies were replaced with an alternative colour and quality of card, these are our current certificates which are grey in colour.

Shortly after releasing them into circulation we started to receive feedback from our members that the quality of the new certificates was poor, and that certificates were easily damaged and on numerous occasions were needing replacing.

At the time that the new registration certificates were introduced we were forced to choose an alternative card as the supplier could no longer obtain the original card that we used and the alternative choice to us was limited.

However, due to the feedback received we have taken action to source an alternative card of far superior quality. 

As of week commencing 19th October 2020, breeders will start to receive these new certificates for puppies being registered, the colour is called Olympic Ivory and is a pale yellow with a grey marble effect running through it, the card is of 200gsm quality, therefore much thicker.

We thank our members for their feedback, and  hope that you will agree that the new registration certificates are fit for purpose.

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