Letter to Directors 9th July 2020

The following letter was issued to all Directors today.


9th July 2020

Dear Directors

In my last update to you all I indicated that I would be writing to Welsh Directors in relation to addressing the issue of filling the vacancies left by the recent resignations.

I am including all Directors from every nation in this process because I believe that it is vitally important to everyone that Wales should be represented in the decision making and running of our Society. It is also important that Welsh Members know the level of good will and support they can be sure of from everyone in the process, and we encourage you to include them.

Although the ideal outcome would be to fill all of the vacant posts, initially I understand that this might not be possible, but as a starting point it would be good to have some appointments to Council so that Welsh Members have representation and communication with the Society going forward.

Please be assured that myself and Council are totally committed to taking the Society forward, and have Wales continue to play a part in that process. Any Welsh Directors who would like to represent their nation as a member of Council should contact myself or Helen Vickery at the ISDS Office. We are both happy to be contacted with any questions you may have; we also welcome the input of our Members in this process.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have recognised that many youngsters in agriculture and elsewhere have been completing challenges to raise money for charity. These fantastic young people are the future of our Society and it is vitally important that we leave a legacy of a well-run robust organisation, which they will inherit and be proud to be part of in due course.

Kind Regards

Ian Fleming

Chairman, International Sheepdog Society

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