The International Sheepdog Society reiterate and support the government measures regarding ‘Staying at home’ and the restriction of only allowing essential travel.

Veterinary practice services are currently restricted and offer service for emergency cases only, therefore microchipping of puppies is currently not available.

As travel is restricted to essential travel only, and there are restrictions in place to business types authorised to remain open and in service, please note that licensed microchip implanters are not included within this list, and therefore they are currently unable to offer this service.

During this period, we will continue to maintain our Stud Book rules that all puppies must be microchipped before registration. Any puppies born within the period effected by Coronavirus, and where this has caused a delay in microchipping due to movement restrictions, will be granted an extension period to the normal registration timeline, and late registration penalty charges will not be applied. Please do not return the form for registration of puppies until the puppies have been microchipped.

Government instruction is ‘stay at home, save lives’ and travel is limited to absolutely essential travel only. This will affect purchasers of puppies as they will be unable to collect puppies during the current lockdown. We understand the impact this will have on breeders having to keep puppies for prolonged periods of time. We will continue to monitor the lockdown restrictions and update you with any changes as soon as they become available.

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