The ISDS has a new Temporary Executive Officer, Helen Vickery

Helen has a variety of skills that put her in a strong and somewhat unusual position for working with the ISDS as its Executive Officer.
Helen grew up as a daughter in a shepherding family and so has spent her entire life surrounded by sheep and Border Collies and is therefore no stranger to this world. She travelled around the four nations during her childhood attending National and International trials with her family.

Additionally, she ran her own farming business for eight years and so has good insight into the farming community, sheep welfare and the management and requirements of working dogs. Further complimentary skills include breeding and training of ISDS registered work dogs. Although Helen’s dogs were bred and trained for working with flocks, she also achieved modest success running dogs at local trial level and also spent time with clients looking for guidance on how to train their own dogs for work, and those wanting to start out trialling.

Helen is no stranger to the ISDS, having been a member for a number of years as well as serving on the committee for the 2017 International at Northleach. Furthermore, for the last three years, she has been contributing website and social media development to the ISDS and through this has a working relationship with many of the office staff. Being a personable and sociable character, Helen is also known by members of the ISDS council, past and present, as well as many directors.

Some of the requirements for the ISDS Executive Officer role are to be able to manage people, projects (including National, International and World events) and the ISDS office. Experience and skills that Helen brings in this regard come not merely from running her own businesses but, most recently, from managing a veterinary practice consisting of farm, small animal and equine entities as the Practice Manager. Invaluable experience has been gained from managing projects and departments for businesses outside of farming.

Helen is thrilled to be undertaking this role and is eager to start working with the local committees, National Presidents and office staff in successfully delivering outstanding events, starting with 2020 which includes the World Trial.

This is a temporary role that Helen is undertaking for the Society.

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