Thank you to everybody that contributed to the 2018 International Sheepdog Trial

Another International has come and gone, but once again, what a successful International it was. We were so lucky to have yet another dedicated, passionate and hard working group of people, who went above and beyond and created a wonderful memorable trial.

We have so many people to thank, but firstly we extend our huge thanks to James Porter for agreeing to hold the 2018 International Sheepdog Trial at Gill Hall, what an amazing venue. James went above and beyond with his hospitality and support, we are very grateful. We extend these thanks, not only to James but also to Bill Porter, Zara Mcilmoyle and to their dedicated workforce, they all worked so hard in the run up to the trial to ensure the grounds and the event would be perfect, and it was certainly evident, everyone was made so welcome at Gill Hall, and nothing was ever too much.

Our sincere thanks goes to all of the following people, and without you the International could not happen:

Firstly the local trials committee, they worked together as a great team and gave each other so much support, it was lovely to watch and be part of:


Chairman – John McCullough

Vice Chairman – Peter Morgan

Secretary – Brian Kelly

Treasurer – Eddie Hawthorne

Sheep Steward – Frankie McCullough



Peggy McCullough

Wendy McCullough

Ellie McCullough

Katie McCullough

Susan Kelly

Bronagh Morgan

Peter McCory

John F Maginn

Rodney Moffett

Robert Moffett

Eamon McAuley

Seamus Gallagher

The great team that were letting out sheep throughout the 3 days of trialling, the consistency and flow was outstanding.

Frankie McCullough for the loan of the sheep, of fantastic quality and challenging at times, making the trial a joy to spectate.

Our dedicated team of judges. On day 1 alone, the singles judges were in the judges box for almost 12 hours, this is an extremely difficult task, such concentration is required for each and every run.


Toddy Lambe – Ireland

]Bobby Dalziel – Scotland

Stan Harden – Wales

Mickey Schofield – England


Seamus Gallagher – Ireland

John G Templeton – Scotland

Jeff Evans – Wales

Robin Dean – England


The trials committee:

Society Chairman – Thomas Huddleston

Irish National President – John McCullough

Scottish National President – Ian Brownlie

Welsh National President – Eirian Morgan

English National President – Andy Jackman


Our Course Directors, Andy Patterson and Sammy Long.

The team of commentators and time keepers.

Each and every competitor and their dogs.

The sponsors, of which we had so many, the committee worked so hard to ensure that the trial gained great support and publicity.

Finally, thank you to each and every person that helped in any way at the International, there are so many people that were so kind in giving up their spare time to help, not only in the months and days leading up to the event but also during the trial. You do not go unrecognised, thank you.

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