Rules for Registration From 31st March 2014


Please see below the new Registration Rules which start on 31st March 2014

The recommended pairings are found in Row 1 and the Society encourages members to breed using these pairings.


  • Litter screening should be carried out between the age of 6-12 weeks and the puppies must be micro-chipped.
  • The Puppy Registration folder should be taken to the examiner, the examiner should complete a Litter Screening Eye Examination Form, noting by each microchip number whether the puppy has passed or failed the test. The form should be forwarded to the ISDS Office along with the Puppy Registration folder.
  • Any pups which fail the Litter Screen eye test will have their certificates marked “This dog/bitch is Affected with CEA , it may only be bred to a dog/bitch which has been DNA tested clear for CEA”
  • Parents of pups which fail a litter screen must be DNA tested for CEA before any further breeding is allowed.
  • The litter screen test (ophthalmic test) will count for future breeding rules.

Note: Where pups are too old to be Litter Screened, both parents must be DNA tested for CEA before Registration.

Note: Any dog/bitch which fails an ophthalmic test because of CPRA or PLL will be barred from breeding.

A copy of this information is available in a pdf format here

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