BBC Alba - Farpaisean Chon-Chaorach

Tuesday 18th February

Episode 7 of Farpaisean Chon-Chaorach captures all the action and excitement from day one of the International.  This year the tournament is taking place at Stoneleigh Park in Warkwickshire. Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland all are competing for the team prize, with the shepherds also hoping they make it through to the last 16 of the competition and challenge for the honour of winning the Supreme Championship.

Scotland’s Chris Toner is first at the post and he sets the bar with a high standard. Welshman Kevin Evans, Ireland’s Aidan Gallager and England’s Thomas Longton hope their experience is enough to overtake Chris.

In this episode we have the first of our special features on the teams competing at this year’s internationals. Kevin Walker travels to Devon to visit the England National Trial and meets some of the competitors. There is a wealth of experience in the team with the Longton brothers and Jim Cropper earning their right to represent England, but there are also surprises, such as Wendy Cole from Essex who makes the team for the first time. Ricky Hutchinson wins the captains run off and gives us an insight into how he thinks England is perceived by the other competing nations.  Also in this episode, Derek MacKay heads north to Caithness to meet this year’s Scotland captain Michael Shearer. Michael tells us the ‘first two days are all about the team points’.

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