Could your puppy take the lead on TV?

A new dog-based TV series is in the pipeline and the programme makers are looking for a working sheepdog puppy to be part of the show.

RDF Television is working on a new observational documentary series for BBC2. The series will explore the relationship between man and man’s best friend as the show follows a number of households taking in a new puppy - and look at the lives of the puppies and their new owners.

RDF Television is hoping to feature someone getting a new border collie puppy which they intend to train for their working farm.

The series will also reveal the science of dog development and discover what’s going on in the puppies’ bodies and minds over the first year of their lives. People from all over the country will be filmed with all sorts of different breeds of dogs, from sheepdogs to family pets to disability assistance dogs.

If you’d like the chance to be a part of the show call 020 7013 4053 and leave your name and contact number, or email Or you can like the Facebook page, The Puppies TV Show.

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