We are looking volunteers who can help in a variety of ways:-


1. The facilitation of the collection of heritage material - please let us know if you know where there are any interesting photographs or articles about sheepdogs and their handlers.


2. Would you like to interview a member of your family, or someone in your local area, who has had an interesting life working sheepdogs? We can gather and share information on that particular handler or dog. It will involve liasing with one of the sheepdog writers, and searching out photographs of handlers, dogs, work situations, and local newspaper articles about those handlers and dogs. You will be able to learn more about digital editing and digitalisation.


3. Would you like to take photographs and/or video a particular handler or dog?


4. Would you like to take photographs and/or video shepherds and farmers working with dogs, at various times of the shepherding year? We would like footage of dogs gathering, and working on farms.


Not just triallers

The subjects for interviews will be sheepdog handlers of note, and their dogs, from all decades in the hundred year history of the ISDS. But, it is not just triallers, we want to hear about farmers and shepherds from all over the U.K. 



Funding is available to help with expenses, such as travel and equipment. 

Training will be available, there will be on-line information on the new website on how to learn about sheepdog heritage. 

There is also funding for study days available, on oral/spoken history, .


Please would anyone who wishes to be involved as a project worker, or any level of volunteer, please contact:


Kim Gibson (Project Manager, ISDS Sheepdog Archive)


Tel: 01765 658082 

Email:  nidderdalesheepdogs@gmail.com