The Topics of Interest

There are many interesting subjects to be pursued, all over the UK: -

  • Sheepdogs of note, past and present.

From famous dogs to farm dogs

  • Sheepdog Handlers of note, past and present.

From the famous J. M. Wilson who won nine Internationals and eleven scottish nationals, to local handlers​​

  • The Lives of Farmers and Shepherds, past and present.

From all over the U.K., for example, Shepherds in Scotland, the Lake District, the South Downs and Northumberland

  • International Winners, past and present.

From 1908 to 2018

  • National Winners, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, past and present.

From 1922 to 2018

  • Local Trial Winners, both open and nursery, past and present.

From before 1873.

  • World Trial Winners.

From before 2002 to 2017.​

  • Interesting Sheepdog Events and Stories

Such as the Hyde Park Sheepdog Trials

  • Sheepdog & Shepherding Dynasties

Such as the Longtons/ Huddlestons/ Hutchinsons in Lancashire, and the Welsh family in Ayrshire 

  • ​ISDS Officials

Such as the Chairmen, Secretaries and Presidents

  • Local Sheepdog Societies