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Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies - Working for the benefit of Border Collies

The Freedom of Spirit Trust is based at Mainline Border Collie and Behavioural Centre, they are dedicated to the welfare and future of the Border Collie. 

Their aims are to help promote a better understanding of the breed and its needs. They are not just a rescue kennels, they also have a behavioural unit and give sanctuary to needy, old, infirm dogs or those in need of rehabilitation or a healing time. The Trust is a Charitable organisation and depends on donations to help to keep these dogs, to rehabilitate those in need and to rehome those which are capable of being rehomed.

Border Collies are a breed of integrity, loyalty and great freedom of spirit. Our ancestors worked hard to give us a loyal and true working partner. It matters little who the owner is or what their lifestyle is, what matters is the amount of love and understanding they are prepared to give, for you can guarantee that for every little bit you give a Border Collie you will get over a hundred times back and that is worth nurturing for generations to come.


Objects of the Charity

The Charity’s objects are to promote humane behaviour towards Border Collie dogs by providing appropriate care, protection, treatment and security for Border Collies which are in need of care and attention by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or ill usage and to educate the public in matters pertaining to Border Collie welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among Border Collie dogs.

The Freedom of Spirit Trust is the realisation of a dream through the generosity of the late Mr and Mrs Mahone. Barbara Sykes had a dream of a sanctuary for old and needy Border Collies and in part that sanctuary was already in existence through the rescue work done at Mainline Border Collie Centre. Mr and Mrs Mahone enabled the ball to start rolling for the birth of the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies and it was their expressed wish that the work was for the benefit of Border Collies as covered in the Objects above.

Please visit the Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies website, they rely on our support to keep the trust open. They offer a vast amount of information regarding Border Collies as a breed and provide training support. 

A Simple Beauty
Barbara Sykes © 1995

The Border Collie is the epitome of all we may ever desire in a dog, a friend and a partner. Honesty, integrity and loyalty are second nature to a collie and they will work until they can go no further. Yet for all their willingness to give they are not submissive, they are proud of their heritage and they do not suffer fools gladly. Look beyond the colour of the coat and the cloak they wear labelled ‘dog’, search inside and reach its soul for once there you will be trapped in a world of unbelievable love and honesty. You will have found true beauty, for the wonderful qualities within this breed are always there waiting to be unlocked and are what make it truly beautiful. Drink in its grace, speed and stamina, for rarely has so much to come together so perfectly in so small a package.

The Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies - charity number 1121598