Testing for CEA by DNA

The DNA test for CEA is available from Optigen www.optigen.com

Print off a copy of these instructions here

A discount has been arranged for Society members for DNA CEA Testing through OptiGen. By quoting the Society's discount code you will receive an automatic discount of 20%. DISCOUNT CODE FOR 2018 is ISDS18.

If your vet submits the test on line then a further 5% discount will be applied. 

Note: A blood sample or cheek swab may be submitted for testing - along with evidence provided by the veterinarian that they have taken sample.



Laboklin Laboratories offer members of the Society a 10% discount on OptiGen DNA CEA tests (Option 2) and also IGS, NCL and TNS DNA tests, through their website.. All they require is proof of Society membership through membership number. Please Note this discount may not be used in conjunction with other discounts such as the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.




Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd offer members of the Society a process for submitting DNA CEA tests to OptiGen, by extracting DNA from a sample ISDS / Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd / OptiGen

OptiGen cover the costs of the DNA extraction, with Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd charging members only £10 (including VAT) to cover storing half of the DNA sample, archiving the remaining blood sample, admin and postal charges.

Note - this £10 fee covers either multiple samples sent together or just one sample.

It is recommended that half of the DNA sample is stored by the laboratory to cover occasional loss in the post, damaged samples and should analysis of DNA be required for any other reason. The archived blood can also be tested for other issues.

To use this process:

  • Access the online OptiGen form – complete the form http://www.optigen.com/opt11_form.taf?lang=en and enter your credit/debit card details for payment.
  • This will give you an immediate 25% discount (ISDS discount code for 2018 is ISDS18
  • Print off the form and take it with you to the vet together with your dog and Registration Certificate (if available)
  • The vet should check that the dog presented is the dog on the form (by reading the microchip) before taking the blood sample
  • A 1ml blood sample is sufficient, and this should be an EDTA sample
  • The owner and the vet date and sign the form; the vet takes a photocopy of the form for the owner.
  • The vet practice packages the bloods as appropriate and includes the printed online test form. Post to Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd, William James House, Cowley Road, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB4 0WX along with a cheque for £10 made payable to Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd, or direct bank transfer to Sort Code: 40-34-38  Account Number 91444719, quoting your name as the reference.

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd will confirm by email to the owner when samples are received and then shipped to Optigen. OptiGen will email the test results direct to the owner, and then on to the Society on a quarterly basis.

The costs to members using this system will be around £83.00 for the OptiGen fee (dependent upon currency exchange rates), £10 Laboratory fee plus the vet fee for the blood draw.


  To take advantage of the discount visit the OptiGgen website for the following information:

Submitting a Test

After your vet has taken the blood sample from your dog he/she should then complete the online submission form

Information for your vet - Tips for a successful online submission

If your vet is unable to submit the test online you can still receive a 20% discount by using the ‘Test Request Form’ 

A discount can also be obtained for testing the progeny of Normal to Normal matings.

Please download and print off the form here for submitting with your dog’s blood sample.
You will need to include the Registration Numbers of both Sire and Dam or their OptiGen accession numbers. 
Note: this test cannot be submitted online.

Arrangements have been made for OptiGen to forward all ISDS Registered Dog test results directly to the Society on a quarterly basis.

Discounts are available until the end of 2017.