Transfer of ownership

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Transfer of a registered dog can be processed either by completing a ‘Transfer of a Registered Dog’ form, this can be downloaded and printed here or by obtaining a copy from the office, alternatively if you are a registered member of the International Sheep Dog Society the process can be completed via the ‘MyISDS’ section of the website.

The fee for transferring a registered dog is £14.00 and can be paid by either the seller or the buyer, however if completing the transfer online via ‘MyISDS’ the seller is required to make payment at the time of completing the request. Under all circumstances the original dog Registration Certificate must be sent to the ISDS office to complete the transfer of ownership, the transfer will be delayed until the registration certificate is received.

The Society’s previous position on transfers followed the rule that if a purchaser did not hold or could not obtain the ‘Transfer of a Registered Dog’ form that had been signed by the seller then little could be done to transfer the dog. However, this ruling was amended and the current ruling states that if a person ‘keeps’ the dog and is in possession of the dogs Registration Certificate then these are reasonable grounds for them to apply to become the registered keeper. This makes no judgement of who may hold legal title. Therefore if someone has a registered dog in their possession and the Registration Certificate, but has lost contact with the previous registered keeper, they may submit a ‘Transfer of a Registered dog’ form to the Society with no current keeper (seller) details. The cost to transfer a registered dog is £14.00, however under these circumstances a letter of enquiry is also required and is written from the ISDS to the previous keeper at an additional cost of £25.00. The Society will make all the enquiries for you and the dog will continue to be transferred unless the previous keeper replies with an overriding objection based on hard evidence, for example theft or other wrongdoing established with the police. A complaint that “he did not pay me enough” for example, would not be evidence.

Please note that the ‘Buyer’ must not sign the ‘Transfer of a Registered Dog’ form on behalf of the ‘Seller’, any misrepresentation or forgery is a serious offence and will be referred for disciplinary consideration.

Please note that Duplicate Certificates will continue to be made available only to the current Registered Keeper.



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