Top 10 Dog Names 2006 - 2018

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Between 2006 and 2013 the most popular dog name registered with the society was Ben which was used 1312 times. For twelve of the thirteen years this remained the most popular name, however Roy took top spot in 2014 with just nine extra registrations of the name in that year.

Additional popular names that were registered during this period were Moss, Glen, Spot, Jim and Cap. Each of these names that were consistently being used for registrations and maintained their position within the top seven names registered.

Lad and Sweep appeared in the top ten just once each during this period, Lad in 2008 and Sweep in 2012, but neither have appeared since. 

International Supreme trials won by dogs 2006 - 2018

Within the thirteen year period between 2006 and 2018, ten dogs have won the International Supreme Championship trials, with two bitches winning the remaining three.

Year International Location Handler Dog ISDS Number
2006 Kelso, Scotland Bobby Dalziel (S) Joe 00/272330
2007 Kilkenny, Ireland Aled Owen (W) Roy 00/266416
2008 Abergele, Wales Kevin Evans (W) Mirk 00/272009
2009 Lowther, England Richard Millichap (W) Dewi Tweed 00/278783
2010 Antrim, N.Ireland Michael Gallagher (I) Cap 00/270159
2011 Tain, Scotland Eirian Morgan (W) Spot 00/273432
2012 Bonvilston, Wales Ian Brownlie (S) Boredale Gus 00/291031
2014 Kilbegnet, Ireland James McGee (I) Glengregg Silver 00/327528
2015 Lockerbie, Scotland Aled Owen (W) Llangwm Cap 00/315270
2017 Northleach, England Ricky Hutchinson (E) Jock 00/327212


2012 Supreme Champion

Ian Brownlie with Boredale Gus

Photo courtesy of Kim Gibson


2014 Supreme Champion

James McGee with Glengregg Silver

Photo courtesy of Kim Gibson

2015 Supreme Champion

Aled Owen with Llangwm Cap

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar


2017 Supreme Champion

Ricky Hutchinson with Jock

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar


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