Top 10 Bitch Names 2006 - 2018

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Between 2006 and 2018 the most popular bitch name registered with the society was Meg, being used 1713 times. Not only has it been the most popular name during the thirteen year period period but it is also the most popular bitch name registered each year, not once being knocked off top position!

Additional popular names that were registered during this period were Fly, Nell, Jess, Jill and Tess. Each of these names were consistently being used for registrations and maintained their position within the top six names registered.

Mist has also been a popular name, appearing ten times in the top ten during the thirteen year period.

Jan was a popular name in 2006 and 2007 and appeared in the top ten names registered for those two consecutive years, however this name did not appear in the top ten again until 2013, and then again in 2017.

Molly and Sky have appeared in the top ten bitch names registered just once each, Molly appeared in 2008 and Sky in 2017.

International Supreme trials won by bitches 2006 - 2018

Between 2006 and 2018 two bitches have won three of the thirteen International Supreme  Championship trials. The first was in 2013, the International was held at Stoneleigh Park in England and the Supreme Championship was won by Ian Brownlie of Scotland with his bitch Mo, ISDS registration number 00/295102. In 2016 the International was held at Tywyn in Wales, and the Supreme Championship was won by Kevin Evans with his bitch Preseli Ci, ISDS registration number 00/331679. Kevin Evans and Preseli Ci went on to win the International Supreme Championship again two years later in 2018, the trial was held at Gill Hall Estate, in County Down, Ireland.



2013 Supreme Champion

Ian Brownlie with Mo

Photo courtesy of Austin Bennett




2016 and 2018 Supreme Champion

Kevin Evans with Preseli Ci

Photo courtesy of Lisa Soar


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