Recognition of Other Registries

The Recognition of American Border Collie Association (ABCA), Canadian Border Collie Association (CBCA), Australian Working Border Collie Registry (AWBCR) and South African Sheep Dog Association (SASDA) Pedigrees

The ISDS announced in September 2003 that it will recognise the dog pedigrees issued by the ABCA for the purpose of registering progeny in the ISDS Stud Book. In January 2004 the same recognition was accorded to the CBCA, and further extended to the SASDA and in 2013 the AWBCR.. These notes will, hopefully, explain to those unfamiliar with the ISDS how dogs may be registered in the ISDS Stud Book.


It is not the intention to provide ISDS registration to adult ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA dogs, for example on submission of a fee as this is considered an unnecessary duplication. However, any non-ISDS dog over two years old can gain registration via the Registration On Merit scheme.

Outside the UK and Ireland this can only be for dogs that have achieved top trials competition success.

The ruling means that pups from ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA registered parents (one or both) can be registered with the ISDS.

It should be noted that progeny from an AWBCR parent(s) will be identified in a separate appendix within the Stud Book.


Young Dog Registration

Young dogs (pups) can gain registration with the ISDS up to the age of two, providing that each parent dog is registered with either the ISDS or with the ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA.

Before gaining the registration of any dog in the ISDS Stud Book, both the owner of the sire and the owner of the dam (the breeder) must be members of the ISDS (it matters not which registry the parent dogs are recorded by) and listed as owning that dog. New members receive a copy of the full dog registration rules.

Both parents must have valid eye tests in accordance with the ISDS Eye Test Rules and must not otherwise be specifically barred from breeding on veterinary or parent organisation ruling.

The registration process starts with the owner of the stud dog (sire) completing a Mating Card and submitting this. A Registration Form will be sent to the owner of the bitch (dam) to enable the pup details to be completed. The Mating Card should be submitted within 42 days of mating, and the Registration Form within 6 months of birth, or additional late penalties will apply. In theory, the Registration Form can be submitted the day before the pups are two years old.

The owner of an ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA registered parent dog must send an original ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA certificate with the pedigree and original eye examination certificate (photocopies are not acceptable) with the Card or Form; these will be returned to the owner. The ISDS will record the details of the owner and the dog in its computer registration system and on all produced documents, retaining the ABCA/CBCA/AWBCR/SASDA number and adding an international prefix.

The breeder will be sent Registration Certificates for each pup that list owner, breeder and parent dog details; the breeder supplies these to the purchaser of each pup. Four generation pedigree charts may additionally be purchased.


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