DNA Profiling and Parentage Verification

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Parentage Verification can confirm the relationship between an offspring and thier presumed parents. The Sire, the Dam and the progeny are all required to have a DNA profile to confirm their relationship.

Parentage Verification samples  can be carried out on either a blood sample or cheek swab. Samples must be taken by a vet, and in all cases a ISDS Sample Collection Form must be completed by the vet to confirm that they have obtained the sample, and the vet must confirm the dog’s Microchip number.

Both Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd and Laboklin provide a DNA profiling and Parentage Verification service, and tests can be booked online.

This test is particularly useful for breeders:

To confirm the familial relationship between an offspring and his dam and sire, and thereby use an inherited status for CEA

To produce a permanent genetic reference for their animal for use at any time during the animal’s lifetime where parentage needs to be confirmed or where its identity may be questioned.


Once the DNA analysis is complete, a DNA profile will be generated and a certificate produced. The result will indicate whether the proposed parent is excluded as a parent or qualifies as a parent. Please note that while exclusions are 100% accurate, qualifications are not. In order to avoid erroneous parentage qualifications, breeders should ensure that all possible sires are included in the analysis, this is especially important where possible sires are related.

NOTE: For acceptance of an inherited CEA Normal status, both parents and progeny will require a DNA profile.





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