Prefix and Suffix Names

Breeders may apply for the exclusive use of a prefix or suffix that may, optionally, be added to the working name of any pups that they register.

The prefix or suffix name applied for should be of no more than 20 characters. It should ideally be a proper noun such as a farm or town (e.g. HIGHWOOD or CHESTER) that may be hyphenated (e.g. NANT-Y-BAI). However, if necessary, it may comprise up to two words only (e.g. LONG TREE), although the two words may not enclose the dog's name. The name should be appropriate to a working dog and fancy or inappropriate terms are not acceptable (e.g. CHOCOLATE, PRETTY, MADONNA).

Prepositions (small words) (e.g. A; OF; THE; FROM; TO) may not be part of the name. Nor may a possessive name (apostrophe+S) be used (e.g. SPENCER'S). Non-English names are fully acceptable, providing they follow the above guidance, and non-English characters can be included, (e.g É, Ü) but these will have to be available in the normal ASCII character set.

Finally, the name will be checked against names currently registered and will be rejected if it is too similar.

The prefix or suffix is for the exclusive use of the owner for his or her lifetime and may be transferred only by written will of the owner upon their death and by further payment of the current Application Fee.

An A5 size, vellum certificate and receipt for the fee will be sent around ten days after approval.

Download a Prefix and Suffix Application Form here.