Testing for CEA by DNA

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***Please remember that if you do not send a copy of the CEA Test Report AND the completed ISDS Sample Collection Form to the ISDS Office, the test result will not be accepted***

Testing Process

Print off an ISDS Sample Collection Form or request a copy from the ISDS office.  This form is necessary to confirm that your Vet has obtained the sample and that the Vet has confirmed the dog’s Microchip number. The Society Office will not record the test result for your dog without this completed form.

Firstly decide which Diagnostic Laboratory you wish to carry out the DNA test. Laboklin and Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd both offer this service. In addition Laboklin offer an exclusive DNA package to ISDS Members which includes testing for CEA, IGS, SN and TNS at a discounted rate. Further information regarding each of the laboratories can be found here.

Request a sample collection kit for either a blood sample or cheek swab, and a test submission order form from your chosen laboratory, they are available to print online when you place your order for the DNA test. You are not required to provide your vet with a sample collection kit, however this might reduce the cost of taking the sample by your vet if you produce your own kit. Click here for the Laboklin Genetic Tests Order Form, this also includes a copy of the ISDS Sample Collection Form.

You must take the following with you to your vet appointment:

  • The Dog's ISDS Registration Certificate.
  • The Completed ISDS Sample Collection Form (do not fill in the Vet's section).
  • The completed test submission form/order from your chosen laboratory.
  • A sample collection kit if you have ordered one from your chosen laboratory.

Your Vet must sign and complete the ISDS Sample Collection form, and you must retain this form yourself, do not send it to the laboratory with the collected sample.

Once you have received the DNA results from your chosen laboratory you must send a copy of the DNA Test Report, along with the retained ISDS Sample Collection Form, and your dog’s Registration Certificate to the ISDS office. The Society office will update your dog’s records and the Registration Certificate, which will then be returned to you.

The DNA CEA test report must include the following:

  • Dogs name
  • Microchip Number
  • Dogs Date of Birth
  • Registration Number (if known)
  • Owners full Name and Address


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