Testing for CEA by DNA


Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd offer members of the Society a process for submitting DNA CEA tests to OptiGen, by extracting DNA from a sample. 

As of 1st January 2019, Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd are changing the way that they are handling CEA (and other Optigen) testing. 

Optigen tests such as (CEA) (and others) can be ordered directly from their website, and paid for in Pounds Sterling.

They will send out swab sample kits on request for a vet to take the swab, or a small EDTA blood sample taken by your vet will be accepted as an alternative. Post the sample back to them, and they will extract the DNA and send it on to Optigen to test. Please note that the ISDS will only accept results whereby a vet has taken the sample and the result is accompanied by the ISDS Blood/Cheek Swab Sample Collection Certificate.

The test result will be reported back to you directly by Optigen.

Please allow 3+ weeks for this process.

Click on the link below to request a test, and for a full list of tests available, and details of the individual costs.





Laboklin Laboratories offers members of the ISDS a 10% discount on OptiGen DNA CEA tests (Option 2), and also IGS, NCL and TNS DNA tests, through their website. All they require is proof of Society membership through membership number. Please Note this discount may not be used in conjunction with other discounts such as the Kennel Club Assured Breeder Scheme.

Click here for the current Laboklin Genetic Tests for Border Collies Order Form. The order form includes the Blood/Cheek swab sample colloection certificate that must be completed by a Veterinary Surgeon, and forwarded to the ISDS together with the test results once obtained.