DNA Profiling and Parentage Verification

Included in laboratories offering this service is Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd who can provide a DNA profiling and Parentage Verification service

This test is particularly useful for breeders:

  • To confirm the familial relationship between an offspring and his dam and sire, and thereby use an inherited status for CEA
  • To produce a permanent genetic reference for their animal for use at any time during the animal’s lifetime where parentage needs to be confirmed or where its identity may be questioned.

NOTE: This test is not for CEA

  • The service can be ordered online using the Animal DNA Diagnostics web-shop.
  • Please provide all relevant details including full names and ISDS Registration numbers for the dog and his sire and dam.
  • Upon purchase you will be sent a mouth swab kit which you should take and return in the envelope provided.
  • Alternatively blood samples can be accepted for this service, as can DNA archived with us.
  • Samples should be submitted together with other relevant identifying information such as a microchip number.

You will be informed by email when the analysis is complete. A DNA profile will be generated for the dog and held on file for future parentage queries or for future reference where the identity of the animal may need to be confirmed.

NOTE: For acceptance of an inherited CEA Normal status, both parents and progeny will require a DNA profile.

Parentage verification can confirm the relationship between an offspring and their presumed parents. Most usually this is used to confirm the paternity of offspring, but the relationship to the dam will also be confirmed by this analysis.
In order to perform this analysis samples from the offspring, the dam and all possible sires are required. Please indicate on submission whether the sample is from the offspring, dam or possible sire.

Parentage verification can be performed free of charge using DNA profiles generated previously for the animals concerned.

The result will indicate whether the proposed parent is excluded as a parent or qualifies as a parent. Please note that while exclusions are 100% accurate, qualifications are not. In order to avoid erroneous parentage qualifications breeders should ensure that all possible sires are included in the analysis – this is especially important where possible sires are related.

Animal DNA Diagnostics Ltd offers Society members DNA profiling and parentage for a fee of £30 + VAT; anyone submitting 10 or more samples together would get an additional 10% off, and 20 or more 20% off. Orders can be placed online at www.animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk. Further information about this service is found at their website or by contacing June - Tel: 01223 395577 or 07870 456808 or email info@animaldnadiagnostics.co.uk