Bitch Breeding Rules

Breeders are reminded that there is a 6 LITTER MAXIMUM. Those breeders trying to register more than the maximum number of litters will be required to provide a genuine reason in writing to the Stud Book Committee. Litters will not be registered until after the Stud Book Committee have considered the reasons given.

Three litters maximum in three years is a principle that the ISDS requires from its breeders in order to demonstrate compliance with the obligations of the 2006 Animal Welfare Act. This act specifically limits registered breeders to one litter per year.

Many ISDS breeders however are not registered, so although the law does not strictly apply the ISDS still accepts the welfare principles. We will therefore allow three litters in two years, plus a year’s rest, in the rare case that a bitch is mated unwittingly and too soon on the third occasion; but we then insist on a year’s rest and there have been issues when this rest period of one year has been breached.

The Stud Book committee has now added an appeal process should the dates not conveniently fall outside whole years. The first stage of appeal is if the date of the new mating is no more than 28 days inside a limit and can be decided by the Keeper of the Stud Book following an examination of the history. The second stage is for dates beyond 28 days and the respective National President will, on behalf of the Stud Book Committee, be asked to appoint an experienced Director who will visit the kennels and make a report. If the President and Director recommend that the registration of the litter is in the interest of the welfare of the bitch and the litter then it will be permitted.

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